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General Sessions

Achieving Both Customer Affordability and Increased Customer Satisfaction in a New Energy Landscape

Learn what Ameren Missouri is doing to drive customer affordability while understanding and meeting changing customer expectations in a new energy landscape. This includes offering innovative options for customers that result in a lower cost to serve while increasing their satisfaction. With more than 25 years of experience in the utility industry, Tara Oglesby will draw on her expertise and perspective to discuss the importance of building support throughout an organization and reveal how Ameren Missouri attained alignment to achieve goals in this area.


Tara Oglesby – Vice President of Customer Experience, Ameren Missouri

Bank on Data: Delivering Insights and Fortifying the Customer Experience

In today’s landscape data is king but how do we navigate this vast territory, maintain integrity, and provide customers/employees with self-servicing insights? In this session Corey will discuss the real-world value of humanizing your data strategy, and how to make a powerful impact by developing a personalized roadmap true to your brand mission.


Corey LeBlanc – Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Origin Bank

Controlling the Narrative: A Live Demonstration of SCE’s Customer Communications Portal

The modern customer expects their utility to proactively provide relevant information as a two-way dialogue, at the right time, in the proper format, over their preferred channel. Consistent with their other brand experiences, customers expect these interactions to expose tools to reduce friction with the least amount of effort. For utilities, the inherent complexities of meeting these demands can be challenging: delivering large volumes of time-sensitive multichannel communications, ensuring the integrity of customer contact information and the relevance of the information shared, while supporting internal business rules and operational practices through integration with disparate data systems.

In this fast-paced session, Message Broadcast and Chartwell Gold Winner Southern California Edison take you to the scene of an impending large-scale outage event. Watch the two work together in real time as they execute against an emergency plan and are forced to pivot communications due to unforeseen events.

During the presentation you will learn how to:

  • Identify and influence real-time customer sentiment
  • Monitor and execute on situational awareness during events
  • Deploy personalized ad-hoc communications during unpredictable events
  • Leverage TCPA Safe Harbors to validate existing customer contact data
  • Collect contact information and preference within each interaction
  • Move seamlessly on and off playbook messaging


Tomaso Giannelli – Senior Manager, Business Customer Division, Outage Management & Communications Team, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Bill Joiner – Chief Strategy Officer, Message Broadcast

The Power of Effective CX and Communications

In this interactive session, leading utility provider Con Edison will share insights into their customer communications strategy. Adam Berke from Broadridge will lead the discussion where you’ll discover Con Edison’s objectives and challenges, lessons learned, and best practices in delivering an optimal omni-channel customer experience, online payments, getting customers to go paperless and more.


Adam Berke – Senior Director, Product Sales, Broadridge

Raymond Joseph – Bill Delivery Operations Manager, Con Edison

Innovation Inside the Industry

Session description coming soon!


Michael Cross – Vice President, Innovation, Entergy

Consumer Trends with Mobile and Digital Behavior

Utilities must adapt to changing customer expectations and invest in emerging technology. Using insights from its 2019 Consumer Survey, Chartwell will outline trends in consumers’ mobile and digital behavior and show how utilities can increase their customer satisfaction and ease of doing business.


Russ Henderson – Senior Research Manager, Chartwell

Breakout Sessions

Panel: New and Emerging Technologies: How can Utilities stay Ahead of the Curve?

This panel will focus on new and emerging technologies in the utility industry and beyond, the impacts on utilities, the industry, and customer preferences and satisfaction. This session will also look at how utilities can successfully implement these new technologies and utilize them to enhance their efficiency and their customers’ satisfaction.


Shawn Bielke – Product Manager, Xcel Energy

Gabriel Núñez – Senior eChannel Program Manager, Baltimore Gas & Electric

Increasing ePayment Adoption: How to Steer Your Customers to this Lower-Cost Channel

According to Chartwell research, utilities across the U.S. and Canada have been hard at work over the past several years to expand and improve existing payment offerings and explore emerging payment methods and channels. The result is more streamlined, more effective and more prevalent offerings of digital payment options. ePayments, JEA’s lowest-cost payment option, account for 75% of the utility’s total residential and commercial payment volume. Attendees at this session will learn about JEA’s successful ePayment adoption strategies and the company’s plans to grow ePayment adoption even higher.


Dan Boatwright – Manager of Receivables and Collections Services, JEA

Comprehensive Marketing Improvements to Invigorate Energy Efficiency Efforts

NB Power was awarded the 2019 Consumer Engagement Award for the revitalization of its energy efficiency portfolio and marketing with a focus on achieving high customer engagement metrics. In 2018 alone, homeowners and businesses across NB Power’s service territory achieved more than $9.5 million in energy savings. Learn more about NB Power’s experience and how it achieved increased overall awareness of energy efficiency across the province through new programs designed to meet market need and comprehensive marketing and communication plans.


Beth Pollock – Senior Manager, Energy Efficiency Services, NB Power

The New Conversation for Utilities: Power Up with Wellness

Learn how your utility can play a part in the trillion-dollar wellness industry, by demonstrating to consumers how your products and services promote a better body and mind through proven benefits related to wellness (better health, more focus, peace of mind, financial stability and more convenience). During this session, Eric Mower and Associates will discuss the results of their new research study to help utilities understand the consumer mindset around wellness and its potential tie to evolving products and services in the energy space. They will also share several examples of how utilities are leveraging wellness to drive adoption of energy efficiency measures. Leave with fresh insight on how you can change the conversation with consumers and become a vital part of their lives.


Stephanie Crockett – Senior VP and Leader of Energy + Sustainability Specialty, Mower

Lisa Dolbear – Director, Account Planning, Strategist for Energy + Sustainability Specialty, Mower

Outage Communication: How to Deliver an Award-Winning Customer Experience

SCE earned Chartwell’s 2019 Gold Best Practices in Outage Communications Award after the utility overcame the most difficult year in its 130-year history, improving customer satisfaction despite wildfires that caused a drop in SAIDI and other reliability measures.

Session attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement a strategy that encompasses both residential and business customers, as well as planned and unplanned outages
  • Adapt to rising customer expectations with tools like SCE’s outage tracker, which is built on the model of package delivery trackers such as those used by UPS and Amazon
  • Engage field employees with compelling training and mobile technology they are eager to use


Tomaso Giannelli – Senior Manager, Business Customer Division, Outage Management & Communications Team, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Billing and Payment – Trends and Opportunities

Noah Solomon will be presenting Chartwell research from utility and consumer perspectives on top-of-mind and emerging trends, challenges and solutions in the industry.


Noah Solomon – Research Manager, Chartwell, Inc.

Digitally Transforming Customer Engagements – Meeting Utility Clients at THEIR Moment of Need

By 2020, 85% of all customer engagement will take place without the aid of a human… so how are leading utility organizations achieving this via the digital transformation of their customer engagement? Embracing clients at their moments of need is more crucial than ever before… Join us as we examine how our clients provide meaningful business impact and win in the highly competitive battleground of customer experience. Discover the digital tools – Chatbot, Personalized Video, Mobile Optimized, Document Composition, Interactive Billing and Self-Service – that are enabling customer-obsessed organizations to embrace new market opportunities, retain existing customers and exceed expectations.


Lisa Sutrick – Managing Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Running a High Performing Call Center on a Nonprofit Cooperative Utility Budget

For five consecutive years, Lee County Electric Cooperative has been certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal. During this session, LCEC will reveal how it has utilized best-in-class customer care strategies and performance metrics to ensure the best possible service for electric customers, including details on:

  • Developing and using a call center performance quadrant
  • The necessity of an engaged workforce
  • Investing in a quality monitoring group


Gary Avin – Director and Chief Customer Advocate, LCEC

Leveraging Customer Panels to Drive Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) launched its Customer Panel initiative in 2016 as part of a broader customer experience strategy to collect and utilize the voice of the customer to develop, prioritize or launch projects.  While customer satisfaction research, tracking surveys and industry best practices from Chartwell helped to identify opportunities and define next steps, ultimately small group discussions with residential or business customers helped validate assumptions, uncover improvements and even put a few things on-hold for another time.

During this session, TEP will share how they implemented the program; mini-case studies on bill redesign, outage communications, and a small business contact center; overall and project specific research findings that increased customer satisfaction; and how you could  design a cost-effective customer panel program at your company.


John Bord – Manager of Customer Experience, Tucson Electric Power

Improving the Customer Experience for Low-Income Customers

Approximately 25% of Entergy’s 2.9 million residential customers live below the poverty line. The company’s strategy for its low-income customers is not simply to offer help with paying bills, but to go above and beyond to provide the best overall customer experience possible. This approach integrates a variety of programs, options and channels to provide resources and lasting solutions to Entergy’s low-income customers and nonprofit and government agency partners to help lift families out of poverty. Attend this discussion to learn more about Entergy’s commitment to its low-income customer assistance efforts.


Pat Ricks – Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Entergy

Restoring Customer Trust in Utility Phone Calls

The FCC recently voted to allow phone companies to automatically block both suspected illegal and “unwanted” calls, even without consumer opt-in, based on “reasonable analytics.” For legitimate enterprises, unfortunately, outbound customer communications are often impacted, with calls being blocked or tagged as “SCAM.”

The utility industry already suffers low customer answer rates, resulting in unnecessary confusion and inefficiencies when customers fail to receive timely, critical information about their services and accounts. Utility phone scams only add to the noise, with call spoofing and utility brand impersonation causing customers to suffer from fraudulent activities. In this session, utility call center executives will learn how emerging technologies are improving customer trust in outbound communication.

Attendees will learn details on how to:

  • Improve the customer experience with more effective communications while mitigating phone call blocking.
  • Ensure calls are not falsely identified as spam or robocalls.
  • Protect your brand and customer service numbers from spoofing by scammers.
  • Understand best practices for business identification with accurate caller name services.


Chris Clark – Director of Fraud, Risk and Compliance, Neustar

Daniel Clark – Neustar Senior Consultant, Utilities, Neustar

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