General Sessions

Transforming the Customer Journey

With more than a dozen J.D. Power awards to its credit, Salt River Project is synonymous with excellence in customer satisfaction. That commitment starts at the top. This keynote presentation will provide executive insights into how to successfully transform the customer journey through innovation, people, process, and technology.  Learn best practices on how to increase customer satisfaction and transition beyond the role of utility provider to trusted energy advisor.

Presenter: Michael Lowe – Deputy General Manager, Salt River Project

General Session: What Should a Utility’s Digital Strategy be?

Amy Africa, CEO of the Eight By Eight marketing firm, will share her insights and experiences in helping companies chart their digital futures. Amy has been in the forefront of web usability studies and successful ecommerce optimization for over 15 years. There’s no doubt digital can be a double-edged sword – disruptive on one hand, a doorway to new opportunities on the other. Identifying and acting upon these opportunities will be critical for companies to succeed.

Presenter: Amy Africa, Chief Executive Officer, Eight by Eight

Breakout Sessions

Providing an Excellent Mobile/Web Experience

Recognized as an industry leader in customer satisfaction, Salt River Project will discuss its journey toward expanding digital self-service from strategy to implementation. The session will cover successes and lessons learned from strategy to implementation, Salt River Project will share its journey toward expanding digital self-service now and in the future. The presentation will showcase significant milestones along the journey, from the customer MyAccount portal, to responsive design website refresh, to mobile applications launch, as well as SRP’s future plans.

Presenter: Glen Traasdahl – Director of Emerging Customer Technology, Salt River Project

Xcel Energy Pursues Auto Enrollment Strategy after Major TCPA Decision

A 2016 FCC decision seemed to clear the way for all utilities in the United States to automatically enroll customers to receive outage push alerts by text or robo-call. But questions remain about how the utility industry should respond to the decision. With more than 2.5 million customers enrolled in outage alerts, Xcel Energy has emerged as an industry leader in using the TCPA decision as a springboard for auto enrollment. Attend this session to learn how Xcel decided to move forward with auto enrollments and how customers have reacted.

Presenter: Liz Lindskoog – Product Portfolio Manager, Xcel Energy

Customer Experience and Field Employees

 LG&E and KU believes that ensuring a positive customer experience is not just the responsibility of customer service personnel, but all employees and business partners. Several years ago, the company created a customer experience training program for field employees to highlight how their actions affect the customer experience. Since the program’s launch, complaints have decreased and customer satisfaction has increased.

Presenter: Tim Melton – Manager Customer Commitment, LG&E and KU

Simplicity is Key: Embracing Zero-Platform Engagement in a Multi-Channel World

As utility customer communication channels continue to face digital disruption, it’s no longer enough to try and keep pace through a traditional omni-channel approach. To harness the multitude of available channels—mobile, desktop, SMS, social media—while remaining agile and responsive, utilities need to evolve to a “zero-platform” model of customer engagement, which focuses on creating a seamless experience that empowers customers to interact with the company when, where and how the customer wants.

ComEd’s Jennifer Montague will elaborate on how utilities can embrace this shift to a “zero-platform” mindset, and how it can help utilities surprise and delight customers through the use of new technology such as wearables, augmented/virtual reality and other mobile devices.

Presenter: Jennifer Montague – Director, Business Strategy and Technology, ComEd


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